Belkin Keyboard Folio Case with Keyboard

This time we talk about a versatile and protective folio case with e  removable keyboard for the iPad.

The Belkin Keyboard Folio Case with Keyboard for iPad 4, the New iPad 3 / iPad 2 is one complete unit that holds the keyboard and tablet together in a protective case,  so you have  one unit that will hold and protect your tablet and give you access to an excellent fully functional keyboard  that does not have to be attached to the case to be used, and can be tucked away when not needed.
The case is lightweight and form-fitting, does not add bult to your tablet  and has a  smooth inner lining that protects your iPad.
The Belkin Keyboard Case allows multiple viewing angles with the adjustable stand, so you can customize it according to your personal viewing preference.
The Belkin case also features a magnetized tab closure that keeps the cover securely closed and the screen of the iPad  protected.

Taking a look at the customer reviews, customers appreciate the high quality level of the keyboard when compared with the Zaggfolio keyboard, but the Zaggfolio is also a docking station that allows the tablet to be docked in either profile or landscape orientation, feature that is not present in this Belkin Keyboard Folio Case.
Coversely customers considered the Folio not at the level of the main competitors like the Zaggfolio and the Targus folio.

Overall, this Belkin Keyboard Folio Case with Keyboard is a good choice if you are looking for a protective solution for your iPad with a wireless keyboard that is absolutely top-notch.

Belkin Keyboard Folio Case with Keyboard


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ColorBlackRedBlue CoverSILVER
ModelF5L114ttC00F5L114ttC02F5L114ttWHT-C01F5L149ttBLKFSKB-24-68SL Magnetic Bluetooth Keyboard
Price$52.99Too Low to Display$87.61$124.99$59.95
Height1.3 inch1.3 inch0.75 inch0.74 inch
Weight1.3 pound1.3 pound0.91 pound
Width9.1 inch9.1 inch11.4 inch7.76 inch
Length11.1 inch11.1 inch8.23 inch9.76 inch

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