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iPad 2 With Near Field Communication Technology?

Bloomberg claims that Apple’s iPad 2 will feature the same technology that is expected to be installed in iPhone 5 which is the Near Communication Technology. The 2nd generation tablet, if ever it is NFC-enabled, would then be able to act as your e-wallet and lets the consumers to buy items just by swiping their […]

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iPad 2 Release Date – After Valentine’s Day

Cannot wait for iPad 2? Well, looks like you have to celebrate first Valentine’s Day with your loved ones before the announcement of iPad 2. Apple has been known for keeping top secret information regarding their potential products waiting in the wings. (more…)

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iPad 2 News and Rumors

iPad, Apple’s revolutionary tablet computer, has sold for more than 15 million units globally. Its achievement does not stop there as there are rumors going around that next month will be the start of manufacturing for iPad 2. Release date is targeted at April 2011 though no official word from Apple as of today. (more…)

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