Will shopping on Tablets outpace shopping on Smartphones and Computers ?

That seems to suggest the conclusions of a report by Forrester Research , based on a joint survey with Bizrate Insights.

According to that report, 60% of tablet owners have used them to buy online,  and sales from iPads and other tablets already account for 20% of mobile e-commerce sales despite the fact that  just 9% of online shoppers own tablets.

According to Sucharita Mulpuru, e-commerce analyst and co-writer of the report Why Tablet Commerce May Trump Mobile Commerce, the use of tablets can really expand e-commerce possibilities: “We have always capped e-commerce at 10 to 15 percent of total retail sales, but this potentially has the capability of really expanding e-commerce much beyond that.

iPad standTablets offer retailers and shoppers something that cellphones and computers cannot, giving a better shopping experience for the users of this kind of devices.

The larger screen, with the ability of flipping through a print catalog, with big photos and rich imagery and type in the critical biodata to purchase something online.

The portability, with consumers using their tablets not only around the house, but even and on the go, particularly at restaurants and in airports.

The richer content is another plus for Tablets users: the apps built for tablet devices are engaging, innovative, and unique. The page flipping, horizontal scroll, gyroscope, and audio recognition that tablets have to users gave to Tablets users  a unique and better shopping experience. For shoppers (80% of whom use their tablets around the house, mainly in the living room), this make online shopping a leisurely experience in a way it hasn’t been since e-commerce came along.

An interesting aspect pointed out from Ms. Mulpuru is that  “The element of discovery is missing online, because most people go to Google, and Google isn’t about discovering something online, it’s about typing something into a search box. This is much closer to the actual physical browsing experience.ipad

According to the report, retailers have been slow to catch on, with little investments in developing shopping tools for tablets, while, according Forrester, “ what tablets present is a unique and growing opportunity for deeper customer engagement that can make the Internet shopping experience much better for discovery, inspiration, and interactivity. And much better than social networks and smartphones ever could.

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