Japan Earthquake May Cause iPad 2 Supply Shortage

After launching its newest tablet on March 11, Apple has been trying to meet the demand as most stores have sold out their iPad 2 units.

iPad 1 Meet iPad 2

The supply for the gadget might continue to be insufficient as the recent earthquake and tsunami from Japan affects production. Apple has not confirmed it but as of late they have pushed the delivery time when you order online to a month at least.

Research firm IHS iSuppli published a report saying that there were a number of key components of the iPad 2 that are made in Japan and will likely experience short supply because of plant shutdowns.

IHS iSuppli mentioned that there are 5 parts of Apple’s tablet that are supplied by Japanese firms. Ranging from flash drives to memory, batteries, glass and touch screen. Not to mention, semiconductor plants in Japan has postponed returning to its full production until the earthquake impacts have subsided.

With the demand for iPad 2 soaring, Apple is having a hard time keeping pace.

On secondary markets like eBay, the 16GB model of the iPad was selling for less than $1000 ($900 to be exact) last week while the higher model (64GB) was listed for about $1,300.

Image courtesy of Joe Bustillos on Flickr.

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