iPad 2 With Near Field Communication Technology?

Bloomberg claims that Apple’s iPad 2 will feature the same technology that is expected to be installed in iPhone 5 which is the Near Communication Technology. The 2nd generation tablet, if ever it is NFC-enabled, would then be able to act as your e-wallet and lets the consumers to buy items just by swiping their iPad 2 via a station located at the checkout counter of a store.

iPad 2 Image

NFC powered gadgets usually have a 4-inch range and can be coupled to a certain bank account to show real time status of purchases and balances. This kind of technology has been linked to Apple’s iPhone 5 though we were quite amazed that it might be included as well in iPad 2.

Practically, it is better to swipe something smaller like an iPhone near a checkout counter than waving 7-10 inches of tablet computer for the sensor to read. It would be a little awkward for the iPad 2 because it is bigger and thicker, though it still presents a nice alternative if you do not like to bring your own wallet.

Apple is definitely known to surprise its fanatics when they release or launch new devices. We believe it is pretty evident that an NFC-enabled iPad 2 is realistic to expect.

No word has been released by Apple with regards to the Near Field Communication technology for the iPad 2 so it remains in rumor phase. The company has a very interesting product if ever they make this hearsay a reality.

Image courtesy of iPadHelp.

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