iPad 2 Release Date – After Valentine’s Day

Cannot wait for iPad 2? Well, looks like you have to celebrate first Valentine’s Day with your loved ones before the announcement of iPad 2.

iPad 2 Photo

Apple has been known for keeping top secret information regarding their potential products waiting in the wings. Yet yesterday, the company sent out a mailing list to promote a very nice Valentine’s gift, its iPad. Well, there is no surprise as Apple really do email their subscribers on major events though this time they hinted on the iPad 2 release date as they revealed it will come out “sometime after the holiday”.

So, iPad 2 will not be released anytime now between Hearts Day. Scratch already the February release date or announcement as Apple would not pitch the 1st generation iPad as a Valentine gift and then release the 2nd generation in a couple of weeks or so. March or April is still a possibility if they stick with the 12-month cycle of upgrading their products.

Some factors might also get in the way of iPad 2 release date like Steve Jobs’ physical condition. With his vision, Apple had its rebirth. If ever Jobs take a break, there is always the likelihood that Tim Cook would be the acting CEO though Steve opted not to. There were always rumors that those two are not getting along though no official word has come out from the firm.

Currently, the best thing to do is to wait for a couple of months or so before an announcement will be made. However, Apple can still surprise its fans.

Image courtesy of iPadHelp.

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