iPad 2 News and Rumors

iPad, Apple’s revolutionary tablet computer, has sold for more than 15 million units globally. Its achievement does not stop there as there are rumors going around that next month will be the start of manufacturing for iPad 2. Release date is targeted at April 2011 though no official word from Apple as of today.

iPad 2 Leaked Picture

The buzz is spreading about the new features of the iPad 2 which will include a back and front-facing camera, triple wires chip, retina display which runs on a dual core processing system and a better and larger speaker. Apple fanatics will definitely drool over the following features if ever it will become a reality. Not to mention that iPad 2 is planned to come in sleeker and lighter than its predecessor for convenience.

Also, accessory makers are already on the lookout for the design and dimensions of iPad 2 so they can create their next masterpiece case. iPad had a lot of accessories and with iPad 2 expected to be out by spring, designers need to update their accessories to match the new specs of Apple’s tablet.

Technically, it will not just be the size that they have to look out for as some accessories will be outdated if they upgrade other stuff like connectivity, camera and USB support. Though the specs will not be publicly accessible, some manufacturers might get to know the details first though probably under a confidentiality agreement which is unconfirmed up to now.

Well, we just have to wait for Apple’s announcement for the latest iPad 2 news. Do not worry as we will cover the news and rumors daily.

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