iPad 2: February Announcement, March Release Date?

Looks like the iPad 2 rumor mill is turning in 360 degrees now as there has been a report from Japanese Mac website MacOtakara.

iPad 2 Picture

Thanks to Google Translate, the site says that Apple is planning a short media event at the end of this love month (February) to discuss the features and the release date of a new device – iPad 2. The launch is still speculation as we wait for Apple’s official statement on the matter. Though, It was reported that iPad 2 will be available in March.

As the Chinese New Year comes to a close, the production of iPad 2 was put on hold. If you would check the picture, it looks like a touch-screen from the current generation iPad or maybe for the next generation.

MacOtakara remains optimistic that the iPad 2 release date will be in March though the release globally and nationally is still unclear. Though the site did not name any sources, this all could just be a speculation as Apple still has not divulge any information about iPad 2.

Recently, however, we have heard unconfirmed reports of iPad 2 parts shipping to depots, prototype of iPad 2 was also spotted including iPad 2 ad being shot in LA.

All the accuracy of the information is still uncertain though the timing seems reasonable. Is Apple really hyping the release of the next generation iPad? Will iPad 2 be released in March? Only time will tell. Take the info with a grain of salt and wait for confirmed reports.

[via Macrumors]

Image courtesy of MacOtakara.

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