iPad 2 Facetime Camera: Front Center?

Apple inspired blog, 9to5 Mac, has seen a couple of pictures of iPad 2 screen protectors from independent sources. The pair of sources was able to make a screen protector showing a tiny hole located at the upper part of the screen and it is aligned in center, which is directly opposite of the big iPad home button.

iPad 2 Facetime Camera Front Center

Known for not endorsing screen protectors, Apple has not even stock them in Mac stores, but many manufacturers thrive in selling screen protectors for customers who wanted added security.

Sometimes Apple disclose information to third party suppliers and manufacturers of accessories for their gadgets while some of these companies more often than not talk to production line in China and other countries to attempt and confirm measurements and details of the product.

We can definitely be sure that a small third party screen protector firm, with little profit margins, will only mass produce a huge batch of products if they are 100% sure of the dimensions of the gadget they are making an accessory for – especially if they intend to put a hole for the camera.

If the picture from 9to5 Mac is really accurate, it would then seem that a front facing camera to be used for Facetime will be placed in the middle of the tablet’s bezel. Also, during the News Corp ‘The Daily” launch, it was alleged that the placement of the camera of iPad 2 was spotted.

Now we know the probable location of the camera in front of the iPad, all we need now is a confirmation from Apple.

(via 9to5Mac)

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