ZAGGmate iPad 2 Case with Keyboard and ZAGG iPad 2 Screen Protector

ZAGGmate is an ideal buddy for your iPad 2 while its screen protector, invisibleSHIELD, gives an alternative to big bulky cases.

ZAGGmate iPad 2 Case with Keyboard

ZAGG, a publicly listed company, has created new products and other accessories. Their flagship creation is its screen protector brand, invisibleSHIELD. After its success with it, they have ventured in cases, skins and other stuff as well.

The ZAGGmate iPad 2 case still has its patent pending. Its best feature is its sleek design which gives your iPad ample protection, practicality and elegance.

Made from aircraft aluminium grade material, this iPad 2 cover is a thin hard coating which secures the front of your tablet. It has an axis which lets you view and type in both landscape and portrait angles.

The case has an option for a built-in Bluetooth keyboard which adds only about 25% to the iPad. It has special function keys like volume, slideshow, music controls, search, home, etc.

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD iPad 2 Screen Protector

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD iPad 2 Screen Protector

The invisibleSHIELD is made as well from military grade patented material which is especially designed for the iPad 2.

One of its unique feature is it offers self-healing qualities. You can say goodbye to fingerprint marks and smudges as well as the invisibleSHIELD reduces both significantly.

When you buy the screen protector, it comes with a free lifetime replacement warranty. Why buy? Well, ZAGG is trusted globally as it boasts over 17 million units of invisibleSHIELD sold. It also includes a 45 day money back guarantee if it does not suit your preference.

You can buy all of the ZAGG accessories on their official website. The ZAGGmate iPad 2 Case is priced at $69 while if you intend to add the keyboard in your purchase, it will cost $99. The Full body ZAGG invisibleSHIELD cover for iPad is only $39.99.

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