SmartBlazer Leather Folio iPad 2 Case: Better Alternative Than Smart Cover

We admire Apple in so many ways. After the release of their widely successful iPad 2, they are now trying to push the boundaries by developing the iPad 2 Smart Cover. This accessory came into the spotlight for its ability to auto wake and sleep your device. A simple act of opening and closing the magnetic cover of your iPad 2 saves you some battery and allows you to use your gadget longer.

SmartBlazer Leather Folio iPad 2 Case

The good thing about the Smart Cover is that it’s not patented. It means that any manufacturing company can duplicate this concept and earn out of Apple’s innovation. But if you will take a closer look, Apple did not consider the safety of the back and side of your iPad 2. It still exposes majority of the device and makes it prone to bumps and scratches. Although the safety of your LCD screen is assured, consumers would still prefer something that has a complete, over-all protection.

SmartBlazer Leather Folio, an iPad 2 case that fixes all the problems that you can find in Smart Cover. It allows you to fold the front cover and use it as you desire. You can use it as an iPad 2 stand in two ways. First, it lets you position your device on an inclined angle for trouble-free typing. And secondly, you can lean your device against the triangular fold to make it stand. This position makes it easier for you to watch movies, make a video call, or simply surf the net.

This iPad 2 case is made of high-quality leather with black and red design for a sophisticated, professional look. Not only it is beautiful and innovative, it also protects your device from accidental falls, bumps, and scratches. And of course, it also includes the magnetic auto wake/sleep feature that you can see in iPad 2 Smart Cover.

You can purchase SmartBlazer2 Leather Folio Case on Amazon or on JoyFactory’s official website

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