Sena Genuine Leather iPad 2 Cases

Sena, one of the manufacturers we admire, which produced many top of line leather cases for common gadgets like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. From its past accommodation of the first iPad now comes a new set of exquisite leather covers for the new iPad 2.

In their collection of cases, they have provided eight exceptional products to give in to the needs and wants of different consumers.

1. Ultra Slim iPad 2 Cover

UltraSlim Sena Leather iPad 2 Case

This case is one of the thinnest cases that we’ve seen so far. It offers great mobility since it is very light and created as slender as possible because there is no added thickness after putting your gadget into the cover. You can also place it inside a bag as added carrying solution. It also protects the device from bumps or getting scratched by other things in your bag.

This one is very reasonably priced at 59.99 and offers a $10.00 discount when you pre-order now. There are also six available colors to choose from so getting one which suits your preferences is certain. The Sena Ultraslim Leather Pouch for iPad 2 – 161013 is also Available at Amazon.

Image courtesy of SenaCases

2. Ultra Slim Edition (compatible with Smart Cover)

UltraSlim SmartCover Sena Leather iPad 2 Case

The only difference of this one from the original slim edition is the fact that it can house the iPad 2 even with the innovative smart cover is on. It also has the same fine traits like the original Ultra Slim cover like soft velvet craftsmanship and offers no thickness at all.

The case is priced at only $59.99 and has a variety of colors to select from. The Ultraslim Pouch for iPad 2 with Smart Cover is also available at Amazon.

Image courtesy of SenaCases

3. Florence

Florence Sena Leather iPad 2 Case

The name seems to be like a girly stuff but it is not. We do think that this was named Florence because like a flower this one has flourished to become one of their iconic cases in the market. It has two angle positions with a sleek finished preferable as a Smart Cover substitute. The price may a bit high, as it is tagged for$ 79.99 but you can be sure that it won’t tarnish or get dull easily because the quality is top notch (made in Europe). You can purchase the Sena Florence for iPad 2 – 161201 even at Amazon.

Image courtesy of SenaCases

4. Executive Sleeve

Executive Sena Leather iPad 2 Sleeve

As the name implies, this one is perfect as an office bag because of its classy look. It compliments any formal attire that you love to wear. This case has a magnetic closure system and velvet lining made to protect your gadget while it is inside. It has four pleasing-to-the-eye colors namely: black, croco red, croco black, and brown.

Image courtesy of SenaCases

5. Folio

Folio Sena Leather iPad 2 Case

In our opinion this is the simplest and undemanding iPad 2 Stand Case (three angle positions) we’ve written about so far. Very easy to put and because it is made from genuine leather it adds a classic look to your Apple’s second generation tab. It has four exciting colors to select from: black, brown, red, and tan. The Sena Folio for iPad 2 – 161101 is also available at Amazon.

Image courtesy of SenaCases

6. Kutu

Kutu Sena Leather iPad 2 Case

Almost identical to the Ultraslim Case and also has the capacity to carry your iPad 2 with Smart Cover installed. The only difference is this one ribbon release pull strap the back for much efficient usage of the pouch case. It is tagged at $ 69.99 and with four colors available to serve your preferences.  More information about the Sena Kutu for iPad 2 with SmartCover.

Image courtesy of SenaCases

7. Sacola

Sacola Sena Leather iPad 2 Case

A bit peculiar shaped bag and is also slim but has effective layers to protect your gear from mishaps. This one is priced at $ 120.00 though it will definitely add some glam and sophistication while carrying your revolutionary gadget. The design is one of a kind and the lining is made from top of the scale micro velvet.

8. Collega

Collega Sena Leather iPad 2 Case

Finally our most favored Sena creation, the Collega. This one is compact and is specifically made for the iPad 2 with or with out a smart cover put on. What fascinates us most about this bag is the fact that the handle of it can be hidden from view. It has a side pocket where you can store some of your other slim accessories.

Image courtesy of SenaCases

Overall, choosing one of this eight iPad 2 cases is a very hard decision. Our advice to all iPad owners is to study your personality first and find which best suits your trait, character, and even your everyday activities to get the one that will fit you and your iPad 2.

You can buy now and pre-order on Sena Cases official website.

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