Scosche iPad 2 Accessories: Cases, Screen Protectors, Chargers

After Steve Jobs announced the iPad 2 in style yesterday, many manufacturers also followed suit. One of them is Scosche, which unveils a handful of iPad 2 accessories which includes cases, keyboard and chargers.

Scosche foldIO Black Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Case

First iPad 2 case on their lineup is Scosche foldIO p2 which is the 2nd generation of their previous hit cover. It is a folio type case which lets you place the iPad in three different angles. The iPad 2 cover is available in minimalist black or white and customers have the option for carbon fiber or the traditional leather model. For only $44.99, you can buy Scosche foldIO on their official website and it will be released late March.

Scosche glosSEE P2 iPad 2 Case

Second, Scosche has a glosSEE P2 iPad 2 case which is a transparent yet versatile rubber case. It comes in a variety of color options which also provides a better grip on the tablet. You can purchase the iPad cover for only $39.99 on Scosche’s official website.

Scosche snapSHIELD P2 iPad 2 Case

Third, if you want a discreet case, Scosche has snapSHIELD p2 which you can choose a number of color selections as well. It gives you access to all the ports and buttons of your new tablet including bringing life and defense from unwanted harm. Scosche snapSHIELD p2 iPad case will retail for $29.99 and will be released later this March.

Scosche privaSEE P2 iPad 2 Screen Protector

Fourth option is if you do not prefer adding a case or a little bulk on your device, then a screen protector is just right for you. Scosche has three (3) variants which include klearCoat p2, satinShield p2 and privaSEE p2 which will comes in a package of 2 and has a retail price ranging from $19.99 to $49.99.

Scosche freeKEY Flexible Water Resistant iPad 2 Keyboard

If you are uncomfortable of typing via touchscreen, Scosche has a freeKey Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad 2. Though it is small, it is very flexible and it is water-resistant. For only $59.99, you can type all you want and the best thing is you can roll the keyboard for your travel convenience.

Scosche goBAT II Portable Charger Backup Battery iPad 2

Last but not the least; Scosche also stated that they will have different iPad 2 chargers which include a car charger, handy battery pack and some practical home chargers.

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