Kensington iPad 2 Accessories: Cases, Stylus and Chargers

Kensington, manufacturer of different iPad cases, just revealed 6 new iPad 2 accessories which include an iPad 2 case, a keyboard case and some charger options.

Kensington KeyFolio iPad 2 Case

Since the iPad 2 is thinner than the original Apple tablet, Kensington gave a facelift to its KeyFolio design. The KeyFolio iPad 2 case serves two functions as it can act as a Bluetooth keyboard and a portfolio type of case which is available in stores for $99.99. One feature it boasts is it has rubberized keys to keep your iPad safe and secure while closed. Also, you can charge the keyboard and it connects to your iPad via Bluetooth.

Kensington Folio iPad 2 Case

If you prefer to type on the touchscreen itself, then the Kensington Folio iPad 2 case is just right for you. It protects the screen and the back of your iPad. This case is versatile as you can use it in a number of positions. You can type, use FaceTime or read without having to worry about your new gadget. The Kensington Folio is compatible with the iPad and iPad 2 and retails for $39.99.

Kensington BlackBelt iPad 2 Case

The Kensington BlackBelt for iPad 2 is like the Bumper Case for iPhone 4. It is a rubberized protective band that snugly fits to the edges of your iPad 2, shielding it from impacts. It also costs $39.99 and it is compatible for both the original and the new version of the iPad.

Kensington Virtuoso iPad 2 Stylus

In addition, Kensington offers a Virtuoso Stylus in their portfolio of iPad 2 accessories including PowerBolt and MicroBolt duo car chargers. Priced at only $24.99 the stylus from Kensington is one of the better styluses on the market today. The PowerBolt Micro car charger is priced the same while the PowerBolt Duo car charger is tagged at $29.99 (the only difference is it has a second USB port).

Kensington PowerBolt Duo iPad 2 Car Charger

The Kensington iPad 2 cases will be available online and in stores by spring while the other iPad 2 accessories are already ready for purchase today.

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