iPad 2 Case: Turncoat by Autum

If you are a real man, this new iPad 2 Case will definitely grab your attention because of the simplicity and classic look it has. Of course most men in this world don’t attach themselves with something too glossy because they really do think differently than women. Not only is the design why we listed it down as a man’s case but because it also has so many protective features to offer for your market dominating tablet.

Autum Turncoat iPad 2 Case

Let’s kick off with its cool details and use case. It comes in black variant which has 4 folds to envelop your device. The cover is very undemanding if you want to get your gadget out of it, all you have to do is to snap out one of its durable snap buttons fold and it’s done. If you wanted to fully expose your iPad 2 without pulling it, this one also has a solution for you. The 4 folds can be unlock by snapping it out one by one and open sesame your device is out and ready to be utilized.

Its interior is made from high quality suede so it won’t harm or graze any part of your device. Once the device is enclosed in the Turncoat expect that it will be secured from any abrasions. Even when it is on a travel bag, your iPad 2 is safe from scuffs or dents coming from other things bumping your bag.

One of its unique qualities is there will be no mass production of this cover. It is also hand made from first rate materials in the USA.

Overall what we really like from this case is its style and formal appearance. It is perfect for a man who promotes classiness and professionalism, the spirit of a true man.

You can pre-order this Turncoat iPad 2 Case on Autum’s official website for only $144.00. It ships by mid-April.

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