iPad 2 Case, Stand and Holder: HandStand 2

The HandStand provided an ideal and one a kind case for the iPad before. Now they are offering an almost the same yet still dynamic accessory for the iPad 2 – the HandStand 2. Many of us iPad fans have knowledge about this stand especially if you bought one before. So for those who don’t have an idea of how good this stand is below is an explanation of how the HandStand is innovative and distinct.

iPad 2 Case, Stand and Holder HandStand 2

The reason we feature it is because of the fact that this one paved the way for you to hold your tablet. Instead of holding it in a very strain prone hand position, they created a hand strap at the back of its case. This serves as a platform to your hands to grip your iPad 2 in much comfortable and easy way while using it.

There is a twist on this high grade case; you can actually rotate it 360 degrees so you can use it in a horizontal and vertical position without your hand touching the screen of the device. As an added fact, it also has the ability to be use as a stand with one viewing angle.

Another main feature of this holder is the materials used in it. It is created with crafted polyurethane which technically means that the case has a high resiliency trait and very sturdy.

About its hand strap, it is made from thermoplastic ABS so snapping is already out of the question. By the way, the materials are also 100 percent recyclable; it’s a good thing that they also do care about the environment which is plus points not only to us consumers but also to our mother nature.

This HandStand iPad 2 Case has three variations to choose from black, white and pink.

You can pre-order now at their official site for only $ 39.99.

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