Incipio Announces Lineup of iPad 2 Cases

Incipio, established in 1999 by passionate gadget lovers, has recently launched its lineup of iPad 2 cases made from high quality materials. These covers will be available in a different number of colors and will offer stunning design yet outstanding protection as well.

Incipio Premium Kickstand iPad 2 Case

Premium Kickstand – You can use FaceTime and watch videos without using your hands with this iPad 2 case from Incipio. It is adjustable into three viewing angles. Its classy design boosts functionality and protection. Buy it on Amazon for only $25.99 and will ship in a month or two.

Incipio NGP iPad 2 Case

NGP Matte – NGP, or Next Generation Polymer, is a partially firm yet soft shell iPad 2 cover. It is made of thick though flexible material which gives resistant to daily wear and tear. You can purchase it on Amazon for only $22.74. If you order now, Amazon will deliver when available. They will also e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as they have more information. You will only be charged when Amazon ship the item.

Incipio Hive iPad 2 Case

HIVE – Its fresh honeycomb design could really attract attention. It is made silicone without excessive weight. With its ergonomic design, it provides consumers a comfy grip. Save 35% when you order now on Amazon as it is priced at $25.99 only. It will be shipped in a month or two.

Incipio Silicrylic iPad 2 Case

SILICRYLIC – An innovative two-piece carrying iPad 2 case. Its core is made from silicone which envelops your gadget to give shock-absorbing defense while the tough shell covers the back and the edges. You can buy it on Amazon for only $32.49. Just like other Incipio cases, shipping will commence in a month or so.

Incipio Feather iPad 2 Case

Feather – This best-seller for Incipio is very thin and light. It combines fashion and function and it is a slim solution for your iPad 2. It comes in 4 various colors. If you order now on Amazon, you can save 35% and you will only be charged $22.74. It ships within 1 to 2 months.

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