Hard Candy iPad 2 Cases

Hard Candy Cases is one of the top brands when it comes to accessories which target the modern, stylish Apple user demographic. They offer 4 kinds of iPad 2 cases ready to rock your tablet.

Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve iPad 2 Case

Bubble Sleeve iPad 2 Case

The trademark of Hard Candy Cases is their Bubble Sleeve design. The style is unique and the protection features fitted, shock-absorbing bumpers securing your iPad while in use. Bubble Sleeve’s exterior is EVA-molded giving you better protection than the traditional neoprene sleeve. It also has a soft interior lining which keeps the scratches and dirt away.

You can save 40% when you buy Bubble Sleeve for iPad 2 on Amazon at only $29.99 from its retail price of $49.95!

Hard Candy Cases Street Skin iPad 2 Case

Street Skin iPad 2 Case

The borders and edges of this shock-absorbing TPU rubber does not stretch or yield allowing you to own a very rugged iPad 2 defense. It is also easier to clean than a silicone cover. The case is form-fitting offering an unrivaled style and security.

It is available on Amazon for only $39.95 and will ship by April 2011.

Hard Candy Cases Convertible iPad 2 Case

Candy Convertible iPad 2 Case

This iPad cover merges the functionality of a flip folio and the softness of animal-friendly faux nubuck material. Its modern and classy style brings out a good protection as it securely fits the iPad 2. The cover allows you to have two (2) viewing angles.

It will ship by March 30, 2011 and you can be notified by Amazon ($44.95) as soon as available.

Hard Candy Note iPad 2 Case

Candy Note iPad 2 Case

If you are looking for an excellent design and protection from unnecessary harm, this practical iPad 2 cover features a fixed, refillable notepad with faux nubuck external cover. Candy Note case also has a space for your stylus.

It is available for pre-order on Amazon .

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