Apple Smart Cover iPad 2 Case

Apple’s March 2 announcement of the iPad 2 was big news but they also mentioned of their newest case which is the Smart Cover. With their iPad 2 case, you can now turn your tablet into something cool and make it stand out. Apple calls it a cover but it offers more than that.

Apple Smart Cover iPad 2 Case

Smart Cover is not just an iPad case but it also acts as a stand. The self-aligning magnetic axis is one of its better features as you can easily put the case on or take it off. Automatically, when you open the cover itself, the iPad 2 wakes up while if you close the cover, your tablet will sleep and routinely shuts down, making it very simple for users as you do not need to push the sleep/wake button each time.

The Apple Smart Cover iPad 2 Case has ten different color options to choose from. The following colors are made with polyurethane: pink, light green, orange, light blue and grey. Meanwhile, these colors are made from aniline-dyed Italian leather: red, light grey, black, tan and dark grey. The material does not affect protection as every iPad 2 cover has microfiber lining to ensure that the screen is free from dirt and uncalled-for smudges.

The stand is perfect to use if you like to do a hands-free video conference using FaceTime or you can just fold it back for typing purposes.

The release date for iPad 2 is the same as the Smart Cover; both will be available on March 11th. You can buy it online or on your favorite Apple store. Polyurethane covers are priced at $39 while Italian leather cases are tagged at $69 apiece.

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