Do You Believe Technology Is Not Enough? iPad 2 TV Ad

Apple has launched its first TV advertisement for iPad 2 a few days ago. The commercial that is entitled “We Believe” focused on the functionality of the device rather than its technological aspect. If you are one of those people who are still clueless what tablet to buy, I highly recommend for you to watch this video.

It is no secret that Apple is trying to limit the information they are giving away with regards the gadget’s processor. This is a smart move for them since they are fully aware that Android Tablets are dominating this feature. The company doesn’t also appear to be affected by the fact that Motorola Xoom has a better camera and Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 is slightly thinner, lighter than iPad 2.

We have to applaud Apple due to the fact that they know how to work things into their advantage. By being aware of their shortcomings, they do not have to compete with what they don’t have. A simple act of evaluating their product’s capabilities and coming up with an ingenious advertisement has gone a long way for Apple.

iPad 2 being the pioneering product, is somewhat being synonymous to tablet. You cannot blame consumers for preferring this device against other tablets because at the end of the day, all that matters is the functionality. People wouldn’t mind sacrificing a little camera quality or few millimeters difference in height (Xoom and Galaxy in particular) if what they can get in return is thousands of apps.

Android tablets are having a hard time catching up with iPad 2 or even the 1st Generation iPad in generating high-quality applications due to the fact app developers choose Apple products over any brands. These developers are just being wise by putting their money and concept to the device that they think will earn the highest sales and if they will follow the trend, iPad 2 is the obvious choice.

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